The Immediacy of Life

The brain (or mind if you prefer that word) always
has a choice to incarnate either conceptuality, or the
senses. By incarnating our senses, ‘we’ become the
world, our surroundings, the totality, the immediacy
of life.

To believe that this choice is not available, it’s just another
trick of the mind to keep spinning the wheel of thought.
Is not that it is either or, the mind can move freely from one
to the other, if it acquires that knack. It’s the automaticity,
the hypnotic rhythm of spinning thoughts, which creates
the illusion of separation. And so we live our life as if from
a distance, as if touching the world through a thick glove.

Pay attention to what is right under your nose, smell, see,
hear, touch, feel the body being alive. That’s the only
sadhana needed to break the spell of the dual mind.

Author: Pete

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