Methods And Holy Madness

All Religions have a map. They all have
mapped the soul, the mind, and Heaven
itself in great detail. These maps are as
illusory and useless as mapping clouds.

Yet, they all offer methods to navigate your
way to their ‘Heaven’ by the position of
yesterday’s clouds.

Western Religions maps are rather simple
or even simplistic ( if you want to be negative.)
Their methods are also simple: faith, prayers,
grace, good works, the practice of virtues, and
abstinence from sin.

Eastern Religions maps are more detailed,
some might say, exuberantly baroque. One
can spend a lifetime understanding such
maps of mind, self, and mystical stages.
Their methods and techniques seem also
without end. They offer a method for every
taste from standing on your head, to sex.

Do all these methods work? Yes and no.
If they obsess you, if they drive you out your mind,
if they give you holy madness, they could work.
It is the compulsion to relentless inquiry, the
unflinching attention to what you call your self
and the world that will dispel the mirage of
separation. It all boils down to this: How bad
you want to see whatever is there, no matter
how disappointing it turns out to be.

Author: Pete

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