the sun sees no shadows

There is only one of me; the many “we” is also one. and I? I is. none.

there is only one truth that no mouth can utter; the rest are just stories about the same old tale…

A teacher Is but a thorn,
To remove a thorn Of ignorance:
“I’m this or that”
once removed
throw away both
and remain free…


Listening to myself
i hear nothing but silence.
and see nothing but light.

i smell the fragrance of pure air,
caressing my skin.
it tastes like water – the
indescribable nectar.

oh love, love!
my whole being intuits your all-pervading presence!

all this makes my heart burst out in laughter.
no more me… only joy.


Death beckoned me softly
and i followed.
but then
it smiled, saying:
do not rush, my dear.
anyway, your corpse is mine
and keeps on dying
all the time!
but you are not.
unborn, boundless,
how can you die?
wake up, my friend
and return to the surface.
there is no “i”!


A true story, from many years ago…

we were seated around a fire, a few dervishes, having some chai-chillum and talking, when i’ve heard this most beautiful flute song, coming from not far away.

i listened to it for a while. it seemed nobody else noticed it. i felt an un-resistible urge to find the flutist, and seat at his feet.

slowly i got up and stepped out of the circle of light into the surrounding darkness.

it was very dark, moonless night at anjuna beach, goa. we sat among the palm trees, somewhat behind the beach.

after a few steps i tripped and fell into an unseen hole in the ground. when i scrambled out the sound of the reed grew stronger, coming slightly from my right. i followed it carefully, and after a few steps found myself on the sandy beach. the sound was unmistakably coming from the direction of the shore. “he must be seating near the water line” crossed my mind. directing myself towards the sweet notes i walked a short distance and stood at the line of waves caressing gently my feet. it was pitched dark. A few stars illuminated the night very weakly; most of the sky was overcast. the sea was a pool of darkness within which nothing could be seen.

the sound, clear and sweet, was coming from the sea. “he must be on a boat” was my thought as i waded into the cool velvet until the water reached my chest, and started swimming towards the, quite close now, source of the wonderful song.

now, i am a diver. my world lies beneath the mirror of the surface. even when i swim – i do it underwater, coming up for air and swimming submerged again.

so, after a few strokes, i dived. when i came up for air, it stroked me. i submerged again. the sound of the flute continued as strong and clear as before.

it was then that i realized it was coming from within.

Death: Alive

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Sometimes naked
sometimes mad
sometimes scholars
sometimes fools
thus appear the free men in the world….


Ever since
Your grace removed
My heart’s
Hard shell of “me”
All my eyes behold
Wherever and whenever
Everyone I face
Is Totally Enlightened


Oh my beloved
when your love hit me
my heart couldn’t contain it and exploded!

now i find it everywhere i turn

since then i have no heart…
but the Heart has all of me


In this full of wonder life
Unfolding ceaselessly
My most far-fetched future plan
Is taking wholeheartedly
The next
Oh, the amazing grace
Of all this!


On the surface of the ocean of love
Storms of jealousy
Anger and fear
Smitten by the winds
Of uncertainty.
But beneath the waves
The calm
Is unaffected.
See my friend;
If you seek pearls
To adorn the beloved one
Dive deep
Into the calm
And find
The priceless

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