All is well.

Robert Adams was a flower of exquisite beauty.
Tweaked his offering a bit……….

Keep your life simple by not getting bogged down in this world of effects.
The simpler the life is, the better.
Let all acts arise from loving kindness, show peace to all.
Irrespective of whether the other perceives the act as loving kindness or not.
Irrespective of whether the act produced the intended result or not.

Do not be swayed by TV or newspapers.
Be yourself.
Make your life simple, peaceful.
Do not listen to rumors.
Do not become involved in deep philosophy.
Be gentle, humble, and strong.

The world, which includes the world of relationships, may appear hard at times,
but don’t let it fool you.
It has no power over you at all.
The reason it appears hard at times is because you allow it to be hard at times.
It’s just how you see it, how you perceive it.
It’s all perception.

Just look at the world, including the world of relationships and laugh, and it will go away.

Always realize you are Divine protected, Divine guided, to your highest good.

You have nothing to fight.
You have nothing to fear.

All is well.

Author: Sandeep

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