A Conclave of Zombies

Involuntary, automatic, unconscious
actions are performed by brain
mechanisms, some neurologists, call
zombies. There are thousands of these
things quietly working behind the
scene. Consciousness is seldom informed
of such actions, and when it’s, it happens
after the fact.

Consciousness is often tricked by a zombie
into believing it decided to act. It seems
clear to me, I decided to write this, but
did I? More likely thinking and deciding is
how these zombies feel when made conscious.

The conclave existed prior to consciousness
and thought. The same zombies that move a
fruit fly legs, move ours. Our brains were
not made from scratch to serve us, but are
modifications of very ancient, primitive

Nature is thrifty, and doesn’t lavish
unneeded luxuries. Ants built cities,
cultivate fungus, herd other bugs, and
communicate complex instructions with
chemicals, not sounds. Ants do not learn,
so need not be conscious. Consciousness
and individual intelligence is only
bestow to animals that live longer than
a few weeks and are capable to adapt to
new situations. The larger the animal, and
the longer its lifespan, the larger the

If consciousness is a luxury, use it well.
Learn, learn. About what? About what makes
you tick, and the zombies in your brain.

Author: Pete
Source: Nisargadatta Group

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