The company of love.

The pressence of a guru like Ramana is deep and filled with unconditional acceptance and love. This guru doesn’t try to teach you, doesn’t try to change you… yet, just by being in his presence and just by being open… you begin to transform.

This guru is like a serene lake. A lake which is Deep. A lake which is Full.

Though it is Clear and Clean…

All you really see in it is… the Beauty of the Sky! The Blue Infinite and the Full Moonlight!

You look into it… yet, you only see the beauty of the sky reflected back.

And, the lake is so tranquil, serene… the moment you can hear, you hear the sweet, slow music of its waves.

…and, in that beauty, in that music… you forget yourself!

The moment you can hear and see… You yourself become tranquil, calm, serene…

You forget your noise, your problems… you forget your pain! In its beauty… you ‘get rid of’ your

Your problems simply vanish!

Once you really hear and see it… in the lake, you simply gets Lost!

It absorbs all your pain!


The lake doesn’t ask you to change… it doesn’t even point to any need for a change…

By its simple presence, if you are open… it simply transforms you!

It makes you one of its Own!

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