There is no you outside your memories.

A peaceful mind is like a still wind……neither exist.

Factor out the assumption that you are the doer and the word “purpose” looses its meaning.

The benefit of meditation is the insight into the nature and result of the incessant root-brain-chatter.

When one seriously “looks inside”…..nothing can be found.

Determine if you exist before you start looking for purposes.

“Liberated mind” is a contradiction of terms.


Birth: Unknown.

Realization: Upon realization there is no one left to claim it.

Death: Alive

Teaching Style: Yahoo Group participation, one-on-one emails, monologues, dialogues and group discussions.


The Other

I am a mirror that can only see itself.

I am a closed loop.

I have no idea what you are trying to say.

Nor can I ever.

I no longer imagine that you are outside of me.

My focus now is not trying to understand you.

I am exploring the vastness of who I am….and you are part of that.

I listen to what you say…….and swim within that for a while……

I am not trying to convince you of anything.

I enjoy you the way you are.

You help me explore the labyrinth of being.

To me…….you are a character in this most mysterious dream that I am having……alone.

Neti neti

Neti neti is not a process by which the imaginary self can improve its understanding.

Slowly it dawns that the self could not be that which it experiences as being “out there”.

“If I am not that………” it wonders…..”What am I?”

Most stop the inquiry when nothing is found.

It’s too damn disturbing.

A few set their course for the far shore……hold on through the tempest……..and enter the Emptiness.


The self is a dynamic tension-body that maintains its condition through a combination of fear and desire.

It evolved because it helps the physical organism survive and reproduce.

It functions only to seek……not to find.

It is not designed to experience unconditional love.

It is not programmed to be happy but to look for its accumulated ideas of happiness.

Very much like a wave….as it collapses back into its origin….the tension dissipates and something akin to bliss is experienced.

This is the “sat-chit-ananda” of which the sages speak and is available only when the sense of self looses its opacity.

This usually occurs at the death of the physical organism……but in a few…….

{…..well… know.}

“Unconditional love” is merely the lack of tension that occurs when the sense of being confined to a separate, autonomous entity disappears.

It is the naturalness of which Nisargadatta speaks.

It is the area “outside the city” for Jan Cox.

It is “heaven” or the Elesian Fields for those inclined to religiosity.

It is not an experience of the self but occurs in the absence of self.

When the bubble of self breaks…….consciousness spreads out into the delta-of-what-is….fear looses its function…..things loose their edges and the simple joy of being swims playfully through itself.

One becomes its natural shape and knows that it is not different than that which it perceives……and the closest concept that comes to that experience is unconditional love.

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