Borderline Generic.

The Holy Trinity has created
everything we know. Protons,
Neutrons, and Electrons are the
original Trinity. But they are truly
generic, there is no difference
between one atom and another,
except in the number of their
protons, neutrons, and electrons.
Pythagoras was right; “numbers are
everything.” But numbers are generic.

Your atoms are generic, and so
is your protein molecules. It’s at
the DNA level that uniqueness
begins. But what is this uniqueness?
It is a certain ordering of four basic
proteins. Order means a sequence,
a repetition of certain elements which
occur in a predictable pattern. Music
could be defined this way, so can those
genes that makes your body unique.
Your body is a tune that will never be
song again. The notes? Well they are
always the same.

Autor: Pete

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