Honorable friends,

We all agree that the only teacher is god.

According to the hindu tradition, god reveals himself in human life in four forms, without doubt: as father and mother, as a guru, and as a guest.

The ability to learn and progress is therefore dependent mostly on the attitude adopted by the seeker. A guru, a spiritual preceptor, is the one removing the darkness of ignorance as to the seeker’s
identity, guiding him/her towards the meeting with the all-pervading self. but, as the hindu dictum states, father is worth ten gurus, and mother is worth a hundred fathers… thus the real teaching is life
itself in all it’s manifestations. If the seeker is ready, even a cat can impart knowledge; if not – even almighty god in person facing the seeker for days will not teach him/her anything.

A teacher is required only to provide the seeker with whatever is needed at the time, regardless of appearances. Attachment to the teacher’s form, necessary at initial stages, is a hindrance at more
advanced states, and sooner or later has to be dropped in order to reach realization. All ‘schools’ and master-students organizations have to be discarded once the student progresses enough to enter the
real study/work: life itself, without the protecting veils.

True heart connection to the teacher’s heart is a direct perception of the god within, and revelation of the heart of all, hidden behind even the most unlikely facades…

A teacher
Is but a thorn
To remove a thorn
Of ignorance:
“I’m this or that”
once removed
throw away both
and remain

By: Yosy
Source: SufiMystic

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