Pete’s Zen Poetry

Kensho as the Sun God

I would like to talk about the Sun God.
I’m a twilight dweller. I live where the
Sun God never reaches its height.
Here, most of the year, the sun rests
below the horizon, and when it rises,
it traces a shallow arc and sinks again.
I no longer hope, or seek to see full noon.
These short unpredictable glorious dawns
are enough for me. You have no idea
what delight it is to see the Sun God rise
in your mind. To watch the twilight that
I am, vanish in a sea of light. Now, even
in the deepest night there is a glow .
Yes, I am the penumbra, but I am also,
the light, and I besiege all roosters in the
land to flap their wings and crow to call
the sun, to conjure the dawn.


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