The Book of Wisdom for the Ages

Maha means great and Yoga means a path of reunion. Here the Great Path is outlined and explained in a truly timeless and masterful way. Written by a direct disciple of the great Ramana Maharshi, this is a very important guide book for the seeker of Ultimate Reality. First published in 1937, with numerous printings since then, this book is as fresh and new as a perfect spring morning. Chapters include The Sage, The World, God, The Quest, The Egoless State, and much more. For the modern day nondualist seeker, this is a treasure chest of spiritual wisdom. The author declares that we all, consciously or unconsciously, are always looking for the Supreme Beatitude of the egoless state, i.e., direct knowledge of the One, the Self. To quote a bit from the book: “The right thing to do is not to go on framing questions and seeking answers…but to arrest the culprit, the ego, put him in the dock, and dispose of him by the Quest of the real Self, which he pretends to be. In other words, one should discover the real Self, who is the final answer to all questions. Every question that arises is vitiated by the ignorance which takes the ego at its face value, as the real Self. All questions are therefore reducible to one, ‘Who am I?’. This question is the Quest of the Self, by which the egoless state is won.” For the person who’s ears are ready to hear, this book is sweet music indeed!!!

Author: Orva Schrock
Book Link: Maha Yoga (Paperback)
Guru: Ramana Maharshi

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