No one can please everyone. Your mental peace is more important. If you are in peace, then others around you will feel peace. So your best effort should be to work on yourself.


Birth:Baba Hari Dass was born in 1923 near Almora, India.

Realization: Baba Hari Dass has practiced yoga his entire life. He left home at the age of eight to attend a school for young renunciates in the jungles of the lower Himalayas. Babaji is first and foremost a master yogi, having practiced the disciplines of yoga from childhood. He was initiated into the Vairagi Vashnava order in 1942 by Baba Raghubar Dassji Maharaj, a renunciate and Sanskrit scholar.

Death: Alive.

Teaching Style: Baba Hari Dass is a silent monk who has not spoken since 1952 and communicates by writing on a small chalkboard. This verbal silence is a process which gradually quiets the mind and eliminates unwanted thoughts. His teachings, his actions, and more importantly, his example communicate the realization that this peace is available to each of us, if only we make the effort.

Fame: Baba Hari Dass is a silent monk and guru who were classically trained in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga (the Yoga of Eight Limbs). He has maintained a continual vow of silence since 1952. Babaji spends his time in writing, teaching, and in selfless service. He is the author of commentaries on the principal yoga scriptures, including the Bhagavad Gita, the Samkhya Karika, and Yoga Sutras of PataƱjali.

Legacy: Baba Hari Dass was classically trained in the authentic traditions of yoga that have been passed along from guru to disciple over thousands of years. He and his teachings have inspired the Mount Madonna Center in Central California, The Salt Spring Center in British Columbia and the Sri Ram Ashram in Haridwar, India. These centers are dedicated to yoga, education, and service.


He teaches on these scriptures, and on classical Ashtanga Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga.

According to him, “Beyond time, space and causation is silence that silence is Brahman the absolute. Sound is movement of energy in nature it creates a sound
so sound is the cause of creation just like darkness is an eternal nature and within that eternal darkness, light comes and goes. In the same way, silence is an eternal nature sound appears and disappears in it .From silence originates sound from sound originates speech; speech creates language when speech and language cease then silence is experienced within. Sound is a form of language connecting each other by feeling, emotions, desires and attachments whereas silence disconnects and separates everything sound creates a duality by creating thoughts, ideas and imaginations, and divides in subject and object. Silence gives rise to non-duality by going back to its source, Brahman, the Absolute.

He told that “False expectations are the cause of broken heart. Nothing is permanent. But we are looking for permanency.”

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