There are no level of Enlightenment. It is seen that one is not the body-mind, or it is not seen. And this seeing happens, or it does not, without any possible help or hinderance by the imaginary individual.

Fear is just an illusion we get caged in, it is just a bad habit.

The truth is that we are God. We are this Higher Self. But this Higher Self is trapped in the illusion of being in a form. When you look closer, when you check where this “me” is that is aware of everything, you cannot ever find it.

Everything is, but where are you in respect of all those things? Check out for yourself, I don’t want you to believe in what I am saying. There is no need to believe in this, I don’t believe in it, I can see it, it is seen right now and what is seeing this in this moment IS this, the seeing itself. To the degree that you can see the idea to be a separated individual will dissolve.

Why is always the wrong question. There is no reason for the Universe to exist. In this abides the deep beauty of Life, in that it is being totally free. Each moment, so frail and powerful is passing by. It could also have never been. Miss it, and all that actually is it will be missed. This is the only real sin, missing the mark. This missing is what brings that sense of lack in one’s life.


Shakti Caterina Maggi has been sharing the realization of the Self since 2003 when she met Bodhi Avasa, an enlightened master from Wales with whom she has been working since their meeting as translator and organizer of Satsang and retreats. She herself holds daily workshop on self realization and does private sessions.

Shakti has been working for many years as a journalist, she did not have a specific spiritual background, but a traditional catholic religious upbringing. She has had several glimpses of this Truth since she was very young without the understanding that those experiences of Oneness were spiritual experiences. It has been only since the meeting with Avasa that she discovered that those happenings were the approaching of this realization that occurred soon afterwards.

Realization: Enlightenment is the simple and direct realization of not being your body-mind but the empty Awareness whose action is living through and as all form. This recognition happens for no specific reason, so no preparation or purification is necessary beforehand on the behalf of the apparent individual. No action in time and space can in fact bring one to the seeing of being the Eternal itself.

This realization happens by grace. Grace is always already present under any of the circumstances of life. So each moment is always the perfect opportunity to see that everything that appears is just a mirror of what is happening in Consciousness. If there is the ability to bring the reflection back to where the scene is observed, then those circumstances will serve their real purpose, to show that their witness is also their creator and that there is not in fact any separation between the dream and the Dreamer. In fact neither of these two actually exist, there is only dreaming.



All your fears are based on the idea that you are separated from what is appearing in your life.
The fear is that you can do something as separated individual that might affect positively or negatively what is happening.

This is not actually the case because whatever your body-mind is going to do or intend to do is anyway the only thing that can happen, as there is no a separated you that can perform it outside of what is appearing in the whole Universe.

Your thoughts and feelings as well as your actions are in fact just actions happening through your form, but you do not choose them before their appearing, therefore you are not in control of them.

Let’s say you feel insecure about something, Did you choose to feel like that or simply it is happening? This is absolutely true about anything that happens through your form. As soon as you realize this you will stop to think that you can do errors and mistakes or that things can be different from what they actually are. Also this realization cannot be brought up by the apparent individual, as it is once again just another impersonal action happening in Consciousness that leads to the dissolving of fear. Fear is actually the expression in feeling of the concept of separation. If there is not the idea to be a separate individual from the rest of the world there will be also nothing to be scared about.

Everything is in perfect harmony in the Universe all the times, so do not try to control what is appearing in your life or through your form. The desire of control comes once again from fear.

Love cannot be recognized in your Life as something already present 100% until there is fear. And fear will disappear when you will stop trying to be in control of something that you are not in control of. You are not in control of Life or of yourself despite what appears to be, because the whole thing is happening anyway, included your desires and fears.

The beautiful thing is that you do not need to be in control. All the Universe is not separated from you, is YOU. It is the desire and the fear (that are the same thing) to have things different that create conflict in your life and suffering.

So step back, see that there is no need of worry. You are perfectly ok as you are, and more you see this and more harmoniously your reality is presented to you.


Whatever appears on the screen of Life seems to be so real. Sometimes we are attracted by some characters of the movie, sometimes we hate them and we are in conflict with them.

We suffer because we would like to have a different situation for us, we try to change the story from the movie itself. This is just an useless effort.

Only acceptance, real acceptance, can change your life. When you accept everything without no desire of changing, when you truly see that whatever happens on the screen is just
your own Consciousness, Life changes, because your Consciouness is changing.

In you there is no more conflict, so the conflict will not be expressed on the apparent outern reality. If in you there is acceptance and joy, your Life will express this. From there, you can Love without any preference, because you are Love itself.

Observe the emotions and thoughts that come through the body. Only who sees clearly that Life is just a dance of shadows in the Light of Awareness can truly Love someone. Love is not an emotion, is our true essence. Until you can see clearly that everything is just Love you will be trapped in the game of desires and emotions, taking the part of one character or an other.

Be detached, let Life lives you, observe all the feelings, thoughts and emotions, good or bad, without holding to none of them. They are all expressions of the Love that you are.

Accept Life. It is your gift to yourself, also when it appears to be full of problems. You need them because they carry you a message of acceptance. Accept yourself as you are.

Be aware when you read this: being detached, observing, being in acceptance are all things that can happen only when they happen. You cannot force them, as there is nobody that could do it. Anyway the very fact that these words are arriving to you, it means that this is already happening as these words are created by you yourSelf.

The Empty Mirror

In every meeting, you meet always yourSelf. In every meeting what you really seek is yourSelf.

At times you meet yourSelf through a form in which the cast of ignorance has been destroyed and you manage to give yourself informations clear cut about what you are.

You recognize this kind of meeting because the apparent other that is talking to you through a book, a video or even an email seems to know you better than what you do.

This happens because the apparent other is really You, but a You in which it has been seen the illusion of a separated me in the body mind.

The relationship with this one is the deepest friendship you can find because is not based on fear or need. With this one you share the recognition to be the same Being, that is true Love.

This recognition that is clear and steady from the side of the apparent other is going to be fully seen also from your side when the reflection is completely brought home, to the Source that you are.

At the beginning in fact you imagine that there is someone else in front of you speaking until you see that there is no a someone, but simply yourself all the time. Nobody could infact know you so well but you yourSelf.

When this revelation happens the apparent other and your image of yourself both melt in the recognition to be the same Love.

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