Awakening is waking up from the daytime dream and realizing that who you thought that you were is not limited to thought, emotion or form. Beyond the imaginary seeker; beyond concepts and beliefs, there is a field of innocence and purity. We are this deep peace and sacredness, which is Absolute and beyond all intellectual understanding. I invite you to realize this Essence of Being and to directly realize the delusion of all psychological suffering due to misidentification, misperception of separation, and attachment to conditioned thought.


Birth: Katie Davis was born in Washington State in the United States

Realization: In 1986, Katie Davis radically and spontaneously awakened without spiritual practices or teachers. In fact, she has no intellectual reference whatsoever for what had occurred. That spiritual realization integrated for twelve years and she began sharing the message of conscious freedom and causeless joy in 1999.

Death: Alive

Teaching Style: Katie Davis offers meetings worldwide in spiritual gatherings in the form of Advaita satsang, intensives and silent retreats in the spirit of Self-Inquiry that includes meditation, talks and an opportunity to ask questions. Self-Inquiry will eliminate the delusion of the separate, mind-made self or what she refers to as dreaming “I” and it will be realized that Pure “I” alone shines. The ego “I” is an altered state of consciousness, but has within it the essential, pure consciousness. Self-Inquiry will reveal the mistaken identity. We realize that which is already realized as Pure Awareness being-consciousness-bliss.

Fame: Katie Davis offers satsang in the United States and abroad. She is author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment that is an A to Z guide to spiritual awakening, enlightenment, Self-Realization and the full embodiment of the totality. She has offered talks with seekers of all faiths in public meetings, churches, organizations and universities or wherever invited.

Legacy: Although not aligned with any tradition, she has been influenced by Advaita and the Self-Inquiry teachings of Ramana Maharshi for their clarity. Eckhart Tolle directly encouraged her write her book, Awake Joy that published in 2008.


You are already that which you have been seeking in every other; conscious freedom and causeless joy. Through Self-Inquiry and still watching alone, you surely will recognize all that you are not. Once all the false ideas of the mind are surrendered and ever more subtle levels of the intellect, what remains is who you are.

The first step toward freedom is the shift from time to timeless presence, through self-observation, the body’s sensing and conscious breathing. There are universal reference points all of which we shift beyond to realize the Truth or what Katie refers to as the Heart or Pure “I” that is forever present. Upon Self-realization, we then realize that the appearance of the universe is none other than the power of Truth; dependent and yet inseparable from the Self that I am. Form is Essence and Essence is form.

The truest teacher is the silent, still frequency of pure being and Katie offers Silent Joy satsang in addition to regular satsang. Further, Self-Inquiry is the most direct approach to Self-realization, since the altered state of consciousness that we call ego has within it the essential pure consciousness. When we seek the “I,” rather than seeking enlightenment, by asking this question, “Who am I?” the “I” thought that is the “I am the body idea” dissolves into the pure consciousness that it genuinely is.

Misidentification with the dreaming “I” is the sole knot and apparent obstruction to Self-Realization. Its only function is to project into the world of form to identify and attach to objects of desire. Self-Inquiry will bring that “I” thought home to the Heart from whence it arises. Life then lives fearlessly and free of desire.

Self-Inquiry is not a practice. It removes the idea of the practitioner, who thinks that it needs more time and experience to be what it already is … Pure Awareness being-consciousness-bliss.

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