Until and unless you empty your pocket, how will it get filled again.

It is not necessary for you to meet your guru on the physical plane. The guru is not external.

The eyes of a saint are always concentrated on the supreme self. The minute he is aware of himself, sainthood is lost.

Whatever may be guru – he may be a lunatic or a common person. Once you have accepted him, he is the lord of lords.


Birth: Neem Karoli Baba born on Shukla Paksh Ashtmi in the month of Margsheersh and was named Lakshmi Narayan Sharma by his father Shri Durga Prasad Sharma at Akbarpur, Mainpuri district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Realization: Neem Karoli Baba was a born saint. From early childhood Maharajji was detached from worldly attachments. Known as the “Miracle Baba”, He manifested many siddhis (powers), such as being in two places at once or putting devotees in samadhi (state of God consciousness) at the touch of a finger. Neem Karoli Baba was a life-long adept of bhakti yoga, and encouraged service to others (seva) as the highest form of unconditional devotion to God.

Death: Neem Karoli Baba died on September 11, 1973, in Vrindavan, India

Teaching Style: Neem Karoli Baba taught in a highly personalized, non-traditional way that reflected the deep devotion of the bhakti path of the heart. He organized yagyas and bhandaras wherever he went. Both of these were organized simultaneously. Yagyas were to feed the God, and bhandaras were to feed the worldly people.

Fame: Neem Karoli Baba was a great Indian saint of the Himalayan lineage. He is also known as Neem Karori Baba, and is called “Maharaj-ji” by His devotees. He was a Hindu guru and devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman. He is known in the West for having been the guru of a number of Americans who traveled to India in the 1960s and 1970s and were responsible for the dissemination of his name in the West after their return.

Legacy: Neem Karoli Baba is best known for the unconditional love He showered on all who came into His presence as well as those who never met Him in the body but established a connection to him beyond the physical plane. Among the most well known of Maharaj-ji’s disciples were Ram Dass, the author of Remember Be Here Now, teacher/performer Bhagavan Das, Lama Surya Das, the author of “Awakening the Buddha Within,” and the musicians Jai Uttal and Krishna Das. Other notable devotees include humanitarian Larry Brilliant and his wife Girija, as well as Dada Mukerjee. Baba Hari Dass was also a disciple who maintained one of the ashrams before heading west to become a spiritual teacher.


The teachings of Neem Karoli Baba were simple and universal. He often said, “Sub Ek” — All is One. He taught us to “love everyone, serve everyone, remember God, and tell the truth.”

He said that “The whole world is my family and preached LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL, FEED ALL. He said this is the key to attain God and salvation.”

In his words “I do not have any powers nor do I know about the power of anybody else I am like the wind which cannot be caught, I am everybody’s and the whole world is my home. Whenever you’ll think about me, I will come to you. ”
He told that “Keep saying the name of Ram (A Hindu God) even if you don’t say it with devotion – A day will come when you will automatically say it with devotion. Keep God in your heart the same way as you keep money in a bank. To see God you need divine eyes otherwise you will be blinded by His divine form. One who works for God, his works is accomplished automatically. Serve like Hanuman (A Hindu God) without selfishness and greed. ”

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